Broadsides and Ballyhoos – Logan edition



Broadsides (AKA stuff I didn’t like)

  • Another movie with a miracle cure…
  • …that only half-works because plot.
  • She had to talk and it had to be exposition.
  • More boring villains with none (or dumb) motivation.
  • Wolverine clone that shows up too early.
  • Run away, get caught, escape. Run away, get caught, escape. Reminds me of a Jack Torrance novel.

Ballyhoos (AKA stuff I did like)

  • Senile Professor X.
  • Dafne Keen — the actress playing Laura.
  • The first hour or so before she talks.
  • Casting Richard Grant from Withnail and I.
  • That moment with the cross.
  • Logan dying from adamantium poisoning.
  • Laura’s sunglasses.


– David